Will You Be My

It has taken WAY too long to get this lovely blog written on Lindsey & Kevin’s Seattle wedding! Weddings By Dani team had such an incredible time coordinating this stunning, romantic loft wedding. Here are a few words from the couple:

From the Bride…..

From the moment we met, Kevin and I shared the important value of family. So it was no surprise that when we got engaged we wanted our wedding to be an intimate family affair. We wanted everything from the planning, to the ceremony to the reception to be shared with our closest friends and family.

I grew up with three sisters and would be gaining a fourth. So we decided early on that we would only have family in our wedding party. Family is there through thick and thin. My oldest sister was my matron of honor. She is my sister, my best friend, my mentor and the one who can tell me how it is. Not only were my three sisters part of the wedding party but also Kevin’s sister. Kevin would have both his brother in law as well as mine. I was the flower girls former nanny who also viewed herself as a “sister” so of course she would be part of the special day.

We wanted to decorate our wedding on a budget and made most of the décor ourselves with the help of pinterest and our two stylists….My sister Mariah and “adopted” sister Brittany, truly brought all of our visions to life and helped up bring everything together. They were the backbone behind all the décor and the feel of the reception. When decorating a venue as big as Russell’s it is hard to picture how it will all come together. It wasn’t hard for me to convince Kevin of the classy color scheme…navy, blush pink and gold (sparkly gold that is) as navy and gold were the color’s of Kevin’s alma mater at Marquette.

Due to timing, we did not see our venue set up until we walked down the aisle. With the help of many close family friends, they transformed the loft into an intimate and romantic venue. My older sister suggested we do a standing wedding to help create the intimacy we were going for. At first, I could not envision it but as I walked down the aisle I knew it was the perfect choice. All our closest family and friends were surrounded around us as we joined together through marriage.

Our photographer was a family friend as well. She has known the bride’s family for 25 plus years and grew up with Lindsey and her oldest sister in Las Vegas. Their parents were also very close. When Kevin proposed there was no doubt in my mind that Norina should share in our day by capturing our wedding on film. Her husband was also our officiant.

The florist was also a close family friend of the groom. She helped the venue come to life with her
beautiful vision and talent for flowers.

The family affair of those involved in the wedding even extend to Dani, our day of coordinator. We both went to high school together and shared memories of high school dance team.

Lindsey’s favorite part of the day:

The dress I chose was the first one I put on. ( from Belltown Bride ) It immediately felt like the one even though it was the opposite of what I thought I wanted. Since the day I chose it, I could not wait for Kevin to see me as his bride. This was one of my favorite moments. It was so intimate to see your handsome groom for the first time and when it all became real that you were in your wedding day. I will absolutely remember the first look for the rest of my life. The way Kevin looked at me with watery eyes and how surprised he was to see me in my dress was a moment I will never forget.

First Impressions of the venue:

As I walked up the stairs to meet my groom at the end of the aisle, I really had no idea what to expect. I knew what our decorations looked like as we had slaved over hot glue guns, gold sparkle paint and pink ribbon for months wondering if we had enough, but I had no idea how it would come together. Needless to say, it was breathtaking. Everything filled the space so beautifully. It was picture perfect. Everything came together so nicely and far exceeded our vision….of a little sparkle (ok maybe a lot ) with a lot of class. Not too fancy but romantic. It was absolutely breathtaking.

From the Groom…

The best advice I received before the wedding was to let the day plan the moments for you. Like most couples we had the timelines for the vendors to be at the venue, when to be ready, and when to be where with who. For a day that you spend months, weeks, days, and even last minute hours meticulously planning, every moment can’t be planned out and really shouldn’t be planned out. Those moments, like seeing your beautiful bride sneak up behind you in her dress. The same dress that she stressed finding, being fitted for, and carefully teased me about how it looked. The first viewing was truly my favorite moment for the day. Seeing and twirling Lindsey in her dress was and always will be that one unforgettable moment of our day. In that one moment, nothing else mattered. We were able adore each other and take in our reactions about how beautiful she really looked.

This wedding wouldn’t have been complete without the following vendors:

Photography: Maple Hill Photography

Venue & Catering: The Loft at Russell’s

DJ: Emerald City Productions

Hair & Make Up: Yessie Libby Hair & Make Up

Cake: Pinkabella Cupcakes

Rentals: Vintage Ambiance

Bridal Gown: Belltown Bride

Bridesmaids Dresses: Weddington Way

Groom & Groomsmen Attire: Brooks Brothers & Nordstrom

Accommodations: Woodmark Hotel

Wedding Coordination: Dani Matthews, Weddings By Dani