Finding Wedding Inspiration


Designing and styling a wedding is probably one of my favorite things involved in the wedding process. There is so much to consider… different elements to use, linens & flowers, color & texture.. eek! I am bursting in excitement just talking about it! But let’s be honest, as a bride, you don’t want to look like every other wedding on Pinterest, right? You want to be unique to yourself and your soon to be spouse!

As a wedding stylist and designer, I can’t look to other wedding designers in the area or even nation-wide. It’s so important that I get refueled with creativity and inspiration outside of the wedding world. I not only need to be up to date with the current trends, but I need to think beyond what the current trends are and think about what “could be.” I am the one that needs to stay fresh, to give new ideas to my clients and keep them excited about their day!

Style Me Pretty

So.. what inspires me?

  • Home Remodels: I can’t get enough of those HGTV shows. Seriously, it’s a problem! It could stay on all day. Seeing how to transform something non-functional to functional. It makes me want to tackle a huge project all by myself. Even though, little me probably couldn’t hang drywall on the ceiling. But.. It fires me up and makes me want to take on the world!
  • Home Decor: Styling my own home and seeing the endless possibilities of mix and match styles brings out the creativity in me. It helps me to dream and through different pieces create a new style or new look. And isn’t it much harder to decorate a home when you live with your significant other?!
  • Crafts: Being able to imagine and actually get hands on is so enjoyable! Especially, when there’s wine involved and maybe some Bachelor/ette of some sort! Whether it’s a gift for a friend or a craft for inside my own home, making something is special and always a reminder it was crafted carefully, thoughtfully.. and cheesy as it sounds, made from the heart.
  • Other random things… like beauty, freshness, my husband and two little girls.

Cheers to Fri-YAY!

xoxo, Dani