Warming Up the Winter

Strapless dress? Sleeveless dress? Here are some very cute ideas to warm up your shoulders, and your brides maids’ this winter!  You can have it match your dress or even have one match one of your wedding colors! They are great for outside pictures and make such a fashion statement! Etsy is a great resource for a unique handmade shrug. What’s your favorite!?

Cute Knit
Wrap Shawl
Ivory with Decorative Button
Shoulder Flower
Ostrich Feather Shrug
Colored Shrug
Fur and Silk Bow

Getting Married Next Year?

Has your significant other popped THE QUESTION yet!? Have you tentitively set a “date” of your wedding?

Now is the time to start booking your vendors! Or better yet, someone to manage your vendors for you! Couples wanting to get married in the summer, do not always get engaged during the winter season.  Sometimes couples have a longer engagement period and have some of their vendors already starting to line up.  It is very important to start booking your vendors first, starting with your venue, so you can have your day reserved with the companies you want to hire.  Although it may seem like months away, vendors are always planning several months a head of time, causing them to book up quickly, leaving you with an alternative.

Managing your vendors is also equally important.  You will likely go on several vendor appointment, including touring venues, meeting with photographers/videographers, florists, and tastings with bakers and catering companies. Talk about busy! Each of these vendors has a list of what they do and what they don’t do, and managing those details can be tedious.

Cake Tasting: Sweet Things

Usually vendors require you to pay some sort of down payment to reserve your spot. Most likely, this will be applied to your overall invoice total. However, some companies will have you pay in full prior to your wedding, others require the last payment the day of your wedding to ensure you a job well done. Here’s where it can get tricky.  If your vendor wants you to pay the day of your wedding, do you want to be interrupted form your day to hand them their final check?? Something to consider.

However you chose to manage and book your vendors, hiring help is often the best solution. Wedding Coordinators have vendors that they have worked with in the past that they would refer again because of a fabulous job. They can also attend some of these vendor appointments with you, or for you, so that you can make sure their list of do’s and don’ts can be taken care of, along with the final payment on your wedding day.

DIY Gone Wrong!

Time and time again, we see poor advice given to bride-to-be’s. “DIY weddings are inexpensive,” “DIY weddings are fun and worry free,” DIY weddings give you supreme control over everything.” Please DO NOT buy into these false ideas! DIY weddings can be fun, finding unique ideas, crafting them and putting them on display; decorating and planning. However, it does not mean that they are going to run smooth on the coordination side, dealing with vendors, what they do and don’t, leading to vendor gaps, which is set up for a bumpy wedding. DIY weddings do not leave Brides with “supreme” control over anything, but whatever they are doing themselves- making the decoration, putting on their make up, or whatever it is they are in charge of. If there’s one thing the woman should make sure she does correctly is choose the correct ring for their man, look into these rings https://www.weddingchicks.com/blog/choose-manly-bands-for-the-practical-and-masculine-groom-l-14723-l-42.html – after all they’ll be wearing it for the rest of their lives.
We are not advising bride and grooms must utilize every and all vendors to do everything for the wedding (not that this is a bad thing), but what we are saying is that DIY things need to be chosen wisely. Not everything should be DIY. For medium to large weddings, less and less should be DIY due to the amount of time per guest or per table decoration- this adds up very quickly.
Cycle of DIY Weddings
Here are some ideas where DIY is utilized without jeapordizing too much time, still adding the personal touch:
Pictures on a Rope
Guest Favors: Take Home Potted Plants
Mason Jar Candle Holders
Guests love personal touches you or your fiance add to the wedding, since this is your day. Our only advice is that you pick and choose the DIY projects and hire vendors wisely. And lastly, in any style you are DIY, make sure to have someone who is overseeing these details. Hiring this person will ensure the job is done.

Winter Inspiration!

Winter is a season that is often neglected in the world of weddings.  However, it is very magical, with the holiday season and cold weather, it is perfect for two to snuggle in and enjoy a wonderful winter wedding! Not to mention, the savings in the budget!

Winter wedding colors are fun and festive! By incorporating the cold and adding a touch of warmth, colors bring to life the wedding party and style.  Grey is a great color all year round, particularly in the winter since it is a cool color and is very limitless to the other colors it can pair well with.  Crystal decor is one of the favorites for winter weddings, adding an “ice” look to the style and element. Ornaments are another creative decoration that can be used as centerpieces, name card holders, or even as a guest book for your first newlywed Christmas tree!

Grey and Ivory

Winter Blue

Budget Saving Wedding Invitations

Invites and save the dates are all fun to get in the mail; sending in the RSVP for the special day. It is exciting to get those cute save-the-date magnets and see the couple’s engagement pictures in the invite. But let’s be honest here, what do you do after the wedding? Toss it! More likely than not, 75% of the invites and save-the-dates you send out end up in the trash. Unless your guests like to scrapbook or they played an important role in your wedding, your invites won’t be saved since the date has come and gone.  Wedding invitations can easily be $5 per invite at the minimum; with each stamp, envelope, layer of paper, and printed picture. Easily a wedding party of 150 guests could be spending $750 for invitations alone… what about the thank-you’s?

Here is a money saving option, still just as nice as the invitations, keeping the old-fashion style (getting a surprise in the mail), but adding a modern twist by combining many of the invitation/save-the-date aspect all in one. This is also a way to “go green!” or at least minimize the amount of paper in a typical wedding invitation.  Rather than the $5 minimum, these start at $2 depending on what style you are looking for.

Front by PhotoChef
Back by PhotoChef

These are photo cards! Or photo invitations! They are customized with your personal pictures, engagement picture that you would normally send printed anyway! It gives room for the invite itself, letting your guests know who, what, where and when and even can put your wedding website for RSVP’s, so you don’t even need to deal with the hassle of keeping track of those coming in the mail!

Now, we still love the traditional style of invitations, and grandparents might too! But this is just one more way to trim your budget while getting the quality of an invite and making it your own! We can help with any wording or suggestions for your invitations no matter which way you decide to go with!

Narrowing the Venue List

There are so many venues to pick from! There is not enough time in the day to visit them all, let alone during a “normal” engagement time frame.  How to decide on one or two just for the big day!?

Here are some suggestions to help narrow down this lengthy venue list:

1. What time of year do you want to get married (summer, winter) and indoor/outdoor?

If you chose summer, you may want to double check rental prices with the vendor since this is considered wedding season, they could be charging more. If you wouldn’t mind the weather, winter is the “off-season” and could give you more play room in your budget.

2.   Day of the week?

Some venues charge a different rate not only with the seasons, but also with the days of the week. If you are going for more of a cocktail hour feel, why not have your wedding on a Friday, rather than pay the weekend rental? Or if Saturday is best, and you still need the savings, what does the off-season look like?

3. Does the venue have any vendors on site?

Some venues have catering companies on site, that make it easy to do go tasting and take a tour of the venue! Utilizing the catering company at the venue can have bonuses, like including linens, set up, and tear down. It’s always nice to serve guests fresh and hot food. If the venue doesn’t have catering on site, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a deal breaker or impossible to hire another company for help.

4. Location

A beautiful scenery is definitely something not only the bride and groom want, but also the photographer. Are there plenty of locations at the venue for pictures? Look around.  Can you see yourself at different locations? Look for backdrops. Having multiple locations for pictures is important, so the photo album will not look like a flip book!

5. What is included and excluded in the venue rental?

This is always important to know, sometimes venues will have a stage or tables and chairs, and other times, venues just come like a shell; walls and floor.  There can also be requirements that venues have with decorations and a list of vendors that must be used. Always good to know before hand.

Clane Gessel Photography

We always keep track of these details so you can determine what venue best fits your wedding in only a few visits.  Hiring a wedding professional can narrow down the venue list since your time is valuable.  If there is a venue we do not have details on, we will do the research to get them, since each and every wedding is unique with different needs.

Being Remembered

People get invited to several weddings throughout the course of their life… how do you want yours to be remembered?

As just another wedding: with the 30 – 45 minute ceremony, dinner to follow with a few drinks and dancing. Or do you want to host the event of a lifetime; an event to remember! A whole atmosphere created to reflect you and your fiance.  From the moment you step into the venue of choice to every taste in each dish to the detailing of the invitations, we can create a memorable wedding event.

Wedding Reception Centerpieces
Wedding Reception Centerpieces


By setting up a consultation, we will get to know you and your specific tastes, to best show off your personality throughout your wedding.  Glitzy Glam or Rustic Simplicity.. we can make it come to life by working closely with selected vendors for you.

Room in the Budget?! We think so!

Most people thing of wedding coordinating and planning is something that is a luxury, something that is only in the budget when there is “room” and much rather have a DIY wedding, thinking costs will be lower, however, we have heard and seen many horrible situations that have happened when planning your own DIY wedding. (Worrying about final payments while you are eating your reception dinner, family and friends bearing the responsibility of wedding items.. just to name a few).

Unfortunately, wedding planning/coordinating is not something that can be put on display using pictures, floral arrangements, or table decorations. Unlike photographers and florists, wedding coordinators have to put their services out there, and either this is a skill that is either mastered or isn’t.  We feel that going above and beyond our client’s expectations should happen all the time. We know that there is room in the budget, because who wouldn’t want to have as little worry as possible on their wedding day?!? So how do you know you have room in the budget? Talk to us! Let us walk you through the steps, so you can relax and enjoy the moments rather than the motions.  Hire someone that knows what they are doing and put us to the test!


Thank you for viewing the Weddings By Dani blog! We are so excited you found us and can’t wait to share in our wedding day adventures!

Truthfully, wedding planning and coordinating can be as easy or as stressful as you choose to make it; with or without the help of a professional wedding coordinator. The difference between the two is simple: how much are you willing to do on your wedding day? 20% of the work or more? Or none?  As a consumer, you are looking to cut costs at every angle, understandable. But as a consumer, you also know that this comes at a cost…

Having your own plan of action can be great! But is it enough? Are you certain that your great aunt is bringing the folded napkins she hand sewn? Are you certain that you will have enough time to do your hair and make-up and slip into your gown for pictures after setting up the table centerpieces and running ribbon down the aisle?

As consultants, we understand that you are looking for help, while saving money. We also understand that this is your most important day yet, and although you may not realize it, you need time to soak it up. This is where a wedding professional comes in, finds the help you need within your budget, makes stops for you to give you time to do your hair and make-up and slip into your gown surrounded by your girlfriends and mother. We want to be certain of details for you, so that you can enjoy your day!