Seattle Wedding Planner Internship 2017

Seattle Wedding Planner Internship 2017 | Weddings By Dani

We are looking to fill our Seattle Wedding Planner Internship for the upcoming 2017 wedding season! If you love weddings & events, are highly driven/motivated, have a strong fashion sense and want to learn what goes on the behind the scenes, apply to be our 2017 intern!

Seattle Wedding Planner Internship | Weddings By Dani

Our 2017 interns will…

– be an assistant to the lead wedding coordinator on select rehearsal & wedding dates (usually Friday/Saturday)
– help with several things behind the scenes including wedding inspiration, styled shoots, and more!
– learn all about how a seamless event is run
– network with wedding vendors
– attend select client consultations and/or vendor meetings
– work approximately 10-15 hours per week during the wedding season, this is not a paid position, experience only with the highly sought after Weddings By Dani planning team


– have an eye for detail
– always be thinking ahead
– willingness to learn and jump in
– have own transportation to/from meetings and events
– capable of driving to/from weddings in the greater Seattle area

How to apply:

– tell us why you should be selected
– submit an inspiration board designed by you
– attach your resume
– professional photograph of yourself
– send application to by January 1, 2017!

We will be conducting interviews the first week of January and upon interviews selecting our new 2017 interns!

Best of luck we can’t wait to hear from you!

Dani & Shannon – Weddings By Dani Team

Chelan Wedding Coordinator | Weddings By Dani

Chelan Wedding Coordinator | Weddings By Dani

We have some pretty exciting news to share! We have officially branched out to Chelan, WA and would love to be your Chelan Wedding Coordinator! Although, we’ve accepted and coordinated several Chelan weddings previously, we now have a link to prove it! Click here to test our new link!

All of our current wedding collections still apply to booked Chelan weddings and the best part is… NO travel or accommodation fees when booking with Owner & Lead Stylist, Dani Matthews.

We have taken clients on from the Seattle area and partnered with them on their wedding planning journey, meeting them on the Westside for consultations and final meetings.. then we travel to the Eastside of the mountains and orchestrate the flow for rehearsal and the main event (your wedding!). It truly makes your wedding a smooth transition from the beginning phases of your engagement to your newlywed-send off.

We’ve also previously helped schedule and plan vendor-booking-weekends! This would entail a weekend in Chelan for you and your fiance, meeting with different local vendors and driving back care-free! See our post here on a more detailed description!

Helping find the right vendors while planning a destination wedding can be challenging, so we make it easy by not only finding local vendors in Chelan, but also partnering with vendors equally as excited to travel for your wedding from the Seattle area. You’d be able to meet with them for consultations before traveling to Chelan for wedding time.

We are over-the-moon excited about the possibilities that await us at all the different venues and working with several new and familiar faces!

Chelan Wedding Coordinator | Weddings By Dani | Karma Vineyards
Julianna J Photography

October Birthdays | Weddings By Dani

October Birthdays | Weddings By Dani

In our household we have several October birthdays… and this year, between weddings, photoshoots, lots of behind the scene work flow work (is that a thing?), I’ve been planning our TWO girls birthday parties! Mila will be turning 3 and Aria will be turning 1.

What a year its been! As a mom-preneur, business owner, wife, and friend, but mostly mother. If I am being totally honest, it’s SO hard. Being a mother is probably the most challenging title I’ve had. I absolutely love this title, but I have definitely had to overcome some obstacles as a mom-preneur of two this year. Like learning when to put my work hat on and when to take it off to be present with my family, or being resourceful when childcare falls through for a client meeting or other work centered event. Both my girls have grown in their own ways though too!

Mila has grown in many ways from year 2 to 3; Becoming a big sister, diaper/pull up free (yes, even at night!), knowing all of her letters, shapes, colors, and is already writing her name. She is a ball of energy that wants to explore every rock and sing the entire time.

Aria from 0-1 years old has hit all of the normal milestones at her age, minus teeth. We’re still waiting on a single tooth! She has the sweetest heart and shows compassion and tenderness, hugging her dolly, blowing kisses, and cuddling.

Although wedding planning, styling & designing lights me up, these two beautiful little girls are my life. My pride and joy. And I want to show them how hard work pays off. Doing what you love, being consistent, goal oriented and honest. Planning these parties is a milestone for me as a mother and business owner, because you see, I too, have made it another year! And that gives me great reason to celebrate!

img_4973 img_5063

Friday Introduction | Meet Shannon!

On this #fridayintroduction I wanted to take some time out to introduce you to our special team member, Shannon! Here is all about her role on the Weddings By Dani team and a few fun facts about her! So so happy to have her talent on board to share with our lovely couples!


Shannon Lavaran (soon-to-be Martella)
Favorite Beverage: Cosmos (can I say that?)
Favorite Dessert: Coconut Cream Pie
Birthday: August 30 – Virgo!


1. On the Weddings By Dani team, what is your role and how does it impact the team as a whole?


I’m the team’s Day of Coordinator and Associate Planner, which means working a lot with the Bride who wants to take the reins on booking and planning her wedding and just needs someone to steer on the day of the big event. As an Associate Planner I also assist Dani when she needs help planning inspiration shoots and loved getting to work on designing our new logo and rebrand materials with her!


2. Prior to joining Weddings By Dani, when did you discover your love and passion for the wedding industry?


Before interning with Weddings by Dani, my love for weddings and the industry was pretty limited to daydreaming about my own perfect day and exploring Pinterest. But I knew that I always had a love for planning events and an eye for design and organizing the behind the scenes “chaos” of the day.


3. In the wedding planning process, what part do you enjoy coaching clients through?


 I love seeing clients’ visions come together and helping them add design or planning elements they hadn’t considered. I enjoy working with clients to build a timeline and envisioning how the whole day will look and what they’re looking forward to most.


4. What do you look forward to most in 2016?


This year, I’m most looking forward to new opportunities and gaining more experience! I’m also excited to see the new trends that will start to appear as Wedding Season kicks off and incorporating these into our couples’ weddings.
5. Tell us about your life at home and what you like to do in your free time!


 I love to bake and cook, practicing calligraphy and typography. This year has been a lot of planning and designing my own wedding in June, so that’s taken up a lot of time! Otherwise, my fiancé and I love to take our two miniature dachshunds on walks and crossing restaurants off my always expanding Restaurant Bucket List.


Thank you so much, Shannon for participating in my little interview! 🙂


If you have questions for Shannon or would like to contact her for a consultation you can contact her directly at

My Big WHY

As an entrepreneur, you need a WHY to stay motivated, to keep driving day in and day out. You are the only one to tell you what to do. From going to “work” on your couch in your pjs to making those calls, time blocking and scheduling those consultations. You are your own boss. You get to wear a ton of different hats.. and if you’re anything like me, you are also juggling the household and littles!

I wanted to share my big why. The reason I keep doing what I do. Everyone loves weddings, right? Such a joyous day, uniting a couple in marriage, monumental milestone in life. From the music, cake, flowers and decorations, but most importantly, the people. Guests, family and friends.. They are just as excited for the happy couple. Those are the people I do it for. For sure for the couple, but also for the guests, the vendors. Everyone. I design and coordinate to make an experience for guests, calm the bride and groom. I want to be the one zipping around making everything beautiful and on point, because no guest, mother of the bride/groom, friend should have to. I want to be there for the mishaps and turn them into perfection. This is why I thrive. I love to love and love to help. (Sometimes too much it gets me in trouble!) haha.

My dream is to have my why shine through in each wedding I style, each task I accomplish and down to each email I write. I want clients to know they are genuinely cared about; that this exudes to their family and every vendor I work with. If you’re an entrepreneur, I hope you can find you big why if you don’t have one already. It will keep your business alive!

Boss Lady


Our Story | How Weddings By Dani was Started

Our Story | How Weddings By Dani was Started

How Weddings By Dani was Started | If you follow our social media, you might know a little about our story to launch Weddings By Dani. I want to expand on it a little bit more to give you the full picture and inside scoop!

My journey to this amazing business…

I was born and raised in the greater Seattle area. I was on and Captain of my High School Dance Team (called Drill Team back then) and my senior project focused on Wedding Planning. Little did I know that that topic would carry over into my career. I then went to Arizona State University where I founded the Sun Devil Drill Team as a 501-c3/non-profit organization (which is STILL going strong!), and obtained a BA in Business & Communications. 

After I moved back home, I started working with my dad at the time and although I loved working with him, the details of the job itself were not what I pictured for the long run. I needed a change and so I took a silly career test and in the little list of careers, paired me as a funeral director. Well, I think it takes a special, special person to be a funeral director, and I certainly wasn’t one. As a fellow entrepreneur, my dad was the one to point out that it’s very similar to wedding planning, loved ones gather, flowers, music, and food to coordinate… etc. I reached out to some wedding coordinators in the area to assist them. I ended up shadowing one planner and fell in love with every aspect of the industry.

After a few years shadowing, I kept dreaming about what could be. I needed to start my own company. Each year, our wedding count has grown. Each year, we meet new vendors and work with old friends. Each year, we get to help clients on their special day! This October, we will turn 6 this year! 6!!!! We have seen several of our interns grow into different roles, some even launching their own companies. I couldn’t be more thankful for their help and in return, I am honored to have given them experiences that could launch them forward. Our current team consists of myself, lead stylist & owner, Shannon, wedding coordinator, and two interns, Alexa and Katherine that are our extra hands on the wedding day and behind the scenes. I am looking forward to this wedding season and growing more in love with my company, team and clients! 

xoxo- Dani
Dani Matthews- Owner & Lead Stylist

Rebranding: Our Make Over | Weddings By Dani

If you haven’t noticed, we have rebranded! 🙂 Yahoo!

It’s been such a long road to get here. So many decisions had to be made.. from rethinking about the way we serve our clients, connect with vendors, and digging deep to the why’s and foundation and purpose of our company. Little things, that might not even seem to go noticed like our jewelry selection, wardrobe, and style; to bigger things like logo, color palate, web design, and custom client tools.

Selecting our color palate was pretty easy for me as we’ve always stayed true to our blue/teal roots from the beginning, but we wanted to soften it up a bit and give it a feeling.. we wanted our clients to feel taken care of with sophistication and elegance. Which brings us to our new website! It’s easy to navigate, and (I hope) answers all the questions our potential clients might have before scheduling a consultation. 😉

I am currently having fun ordering new business cards and playing around on our new website! I am loving our make over and I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of the vendors that helped us doll up our website and brand. AND a HUGE thank-you to our logo designer and fellow coordinator, Shannon Martella, for putting her design skills to the challenge! It turned out PERFECTLY!

Looking forward in working with you this summer and years to come!


Weddings By Dani | Rebranding: Our Make Over

Cheers to you all!

xoxo- Dani

Getting Organized for Summer!

Spring is just around the corner! I can’t believe it! When the sun starts peeking out (which is a BIG deal when you live in Seattle!) and the cherry trees are in bloom, I start to get Spring Fever and cannot wait to get outside. But it’s usually still a little damp out and chilly, so what to do? Well besides continue to design and style our summer weddings, there is so much to prep for around the house.

Yep… I’m talking about Spring Cleaning!

With a full workload in the summer, two littles, and a hard working husband, it’s crucial to do a deep clean around here. A deep clean and get organized. I want to share the Spring Cleaning List and some organization tips that I use each spring.



5 Spring Cleaning Tips:

1 . Set aside at least a week to ensure a good and deep clean for each room. NICK’S Window Cleaning will be able to take care of the windows so that you don’t have to!

2 . Sorting through clothes and personal items, if you haven’t used it last season.. probably time to donate.

3 . Be sure to check expiration dates on medications and spices.

4 . Put cleaning items in a basket. It makes it easy to carry from room to room.

5 . Schedule a donation porch pick up so items can be left directly on your porch after your clean.

And when it’s all said and done… light a candle, sit down, and sip on your favorite beverage! At least in this house, it’s the calm before the storm. Wedding season is about to begin!

xoxo, Dani


Wedding Inspiration | Where to get Inspired

Wedding Inspiration : Where to get Inspired |Designing and styling a wedding is probably one of my favorite things involved in the wedding process. There is so much to consider… different elements to use, linens & flowers, color & texture.. eek! I am bursting in excitement just talking about it! But let’s be honest, as a bride, you don’t want to look like every other wedding on Pinterest, right? You want to be unique to yourself and your soon to be spouse!

As a wedding stylist and designer, I can’t look to other wedding designers in the area or even nation-wide. It’s so important that I get refueled with creativity and inspiration outside of the wedding world. I not only need to be up to date with the current trends, but I need to think beyond what the current trends are and think about what “could be.” I am the one that needs to stay fresh, to give new ideas to my clients and keep them excited about their day!

Style Me Pretty

So.. what inspires me?

  • Home Remodels: I can’t get enough of those HGTV shows. Seriously, it’s a problem! It could stay on all day. Seeing how to transform something non-functional to functional. It makes me want to tackle a huge project all by myself. Even though, little me probably couldn’t hang drywall on the ceiling. But.. It fires me up and makes me want to take on the world!
  • Home Decor: Styling my own home and seeing the endless possibilities of mix and match styles brings out the creativity in me. It helps me to dream and through different pieces create a new style or new look. And isn’t it much harder to decorate a home when you live with your significant other?!
  • Crafts: Being able to imagine and actually get hands on is so enjoyable! Especially, when there’s wine involved and maybe some Bachelor/ette of some sort! 🙂 Whether it’s a gift for a friend or a craft for inside my own home, making something is special and always a reminder it was crafted carefully, thoughtfully.. and cheesy as it sounds, made from the heart.
  • Other random things… like beauty, freshness, my husband and two little girls.

Cheers to Fri-YAY!

xoxo, Dani


Seattle Wedding: Salish Lodge | Kacie & Brady

Seattle Wedding: Salish Lodge

Designing & Styling Kacie and Brady’s wedding was absolutely a dream come true! During their search for a destination wedding, Salish Lodge was the top recommendation on Google! So… they booked their flight from Kansas out to Seattle to check it out! Kacie & Brady fell in love with the rainy weather and golden yellow-orange leaves and booked their wedding one year out.

After long conversations and email threads about their vision and wedding day, I pulled together a style for their special day, filled with deep purple, shades of grey and a pop of magenta. Natural wood pedestals for the altar and hand wrapped welcome bags for their guests, each element was such an honor to select. (Doing my job is even more fun when clients completely trust the professionals!)

Kacie & Brady’s two boys were a delight! So sweet and absolutely loved their mommy and daddy! They even fell asleep during the ceremony… Dinner by the glow of beautiful candles, these two had one of the most important days for their family of four. Especially sharing their first dance all together!

Thank you for being such a joy to work with! You two are examples of what drive me to not only be the best, but work hard for my clients so they don’t have to on their wedding day and all the days leading up to it!

This wedding wouldn’t have been complete without the following vendors:

Venue & Catering: Salish Lodge & Spa

Photography: Char Beck Photography

Band: Jones & Fisher

Cake: Honey Crumb Cake Studio

Flowers: Metropolitan Market

Hair & Make up: Yessie Libby Hair & Make Up

Rentals: Pedersens Event Rentals, Countryside Floral

Paper Designs: Songbird Paperie

Design & Coordination: Dani Matthews, Weddings By Dani